Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wonder Woman vs Leviathan

sometimes a comic book cover is more awesome than the story inside.

in fact, I'd say a LOT of covers are better than their respective stories.

I saw this cover the other day on a t-shirt. it's very intriguing, and I wonder just what the story is.  sure makes for a great cover.  Wonder Woman at the time was not the best written comic, if I remember correctly.  DC had no idea what to do with one of the Big 3 (and hadn't for years).

I haven't read this particular story, nor do I remember ever seeing it before.  it probably would have got my attention, at least, as any kind of monster on a cover would have gotten my attention.

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C. Elam said...

I can't comment on that particular story, since I'm not sure I ever owned that issue (maybe?). However, I can tell you that it's from the period when the book was set during WWII on Earth 2 to tie into the TV show's first season. I liked that particular run OK, but that might have been due to the JSA guest appearances.

OK, yeah, it was that. Still, not bad. Without checking, I suspect this might be the cover for an appearance of Kung. So it's possible something vaguely like this happened in the story!

This cover to Batman Family #3 blew my mind as a kid. Bet you woulda bought that one too!