Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moon Zero Two (1969)

never saw this movie growing up, and I'm not sure I would have liked it very much if I had.  it's not an action packed sci-fi adventure, but it's a good movie.  it's billed as the Moon's first "western" and that title fits.  the cartoon opening is pretty cute and the effects are all well done.  the music is just what you'd expect from the time period, but it works for the film.

this is our hero, Bill Kemp (James Olson), who was the first man on Mars.  the "Corporation" has abandoned space exploration to make money shuttling people to Mars and Venus, so he quit.  he gets hired by a woman who is looking for her brother and then all sorts awful things begin happening.
the whole thing looks like an Anderson production- including the wigs of the moon girl- UFO right there!  and the jumpers the guys wear look like they came from Space: 1999.  all that's missing are aliens.  it's a fun movie.  I wonder what the 8mm comp entailed.

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John Fitzpatrick said...

was just out poking around looking for Moon Zero Two stuff. I did see it when it first came out. It was pretty awesome at the time. And it came out BEFORE both UFO and Space 1999.. so there is that..