Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Sym-Bionic Titan

 three aliens crash land on Earth.  two are teenage humanoids and one is a robot with very unique powers.  they are from a planet that was under attack and her father sent her away to protect her.
not an unusual premise for any number of TV shows.
both of the people have suits of armor they can use to protect themselves.  this is how Lance looks when suited up.
General Ross Steel commands the local military, while Solomon is in charge of the X-Files, er, G3 (Galactic Guardian Group).
General Modula sends the Muttraddi to Earth to capture the Princess Ilana, and he uses the mega beasts to try to do so.

Ilana uses her suit to fight the thing, but she doesn't have the power, and neither does Lance.  however, when they combine with the robot Octus a strange change takes place...
kind of a cool transformation scene.
here is the Titan.  I'm not sure yet if they feel pain when the Titan is attacked, since they are linked (a la Raideen) but it would seem so.  I only ever saw snippets of this cartoon here and there, and it was over before I even knew it.  it's good so far.  it hasn't been released on DVD yet.

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