Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Despicable Me take 2

(this is a first for me, a guest column!  this was written by Liberty Belle and is much better than my paltry attempt. it's so good it doesn't even need pictures, though of course I added one of the minions.  all kudos to her!)

Despicable Me
by Liberty Belle

Why do I love thee so?

Haven’t actually watched the movie in probably a year.  I have it so committed to heart that I didn’t think I missed it, until I loaned it to a friend.

Amazing one-liners like Agnes’ “its so fluffy!!!” Or the multitude of Gru’s snarky comebacks just make me smile.  I first saw Despicable Me on Christmas Eve during a particularly depressing holiday season, and for some reason it pulled me out the doldrums. 

I laughed, no I mean I laughed hard.  I’m, always the laugh-er, never (until recently) the laugh-ee, and boy did it feel good to belly laugh (still does).

I was pretty beat up emotionally at the time and, ironically, was inspired by Gru’s villainous and empathy-free mentality. (However we all know it was simply a mask for some unresolved mommy issues which I won’t get into right  now)

Yet, I was inspired, nay, motivated to get my “Gru” on!  Now I am a full grown woman who typically doesn’t get all wrapped up in an animated motion picture, and here I was, categorizing my now memorized index file of Gru-isms I held near and dear to my heart.

I even knitted Gru apparel, for days when I needed reminding to Gru-up!

And the GIRLS….oh those three!  How amazing are they? Margo’s mother hen, voice of reason but strong in her position to be in charge. Edith and her adorable laze-faire attitude and appreciation for the darker side of Gru (which I believe is when his cold-heart melted). Then there is Agnes, sweet, adorable Agnes.   My son and I cannot eat a Cheeto without going thru the “Awww my caterpillar never turned into a butterfly” bit.  We do it over and over and over (because Cheetos are amazing in their own right and who eats just one).
Lets not leave out Vector, the  nerdy only child of a mind-numbing banker, who prides himself in his self re-invention; “I am VECTOR… I commit crimes with both DIRECTION and MAGNITUDE…OH YEAAAH”


Dr. Nefario….Gru’s well meaning but hard of hearing assistant.  I’d hate to sit in his next job performance review, but creating a Fart Gun, or Boogie Robots…..RAD!

Lets not leave out Miss Hattie!  Not sure if I just hate her or really HATE her.  No, not sure, not even now.  Why does a woman who hates girls….uh….run a home for girls? YIKES.

Last but not least, the minions! All of them (there are only 5 basic models with a handful of outfit and hair changes)  I knitted a few of them as well…TIM, BOB, PHIL. 

Who couldn’t use an army of Minions to do all your dirty work eh? 

minions want kisses!
Or at least the laundry.

So there you have it, my take on Despicable Me.

I loved it; truly.

Every time I am faced with life’s scary shenanigans, I remember Gru.  I can laugh at how he enjoyed torturing those girls at bedtime (I am the mother of a head strong 4 year old), but how much more he, despite his villainous job title, deeply loved them.  I adore how they bonded so beautifully together and how they so perfectly filled a hole in each other’s hearts.  They even had a… dog….Kyle.

Turns out he’s a good Dad!

Two thumbs up in my book!

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