Tuesday, January 8, 2013


I can't believe there's only one other post about the Herculoids in the six year run of the blog.  how is that possible, since I love this show so much?  the characters are great, the designs of the heroes are great, many of the designs of the villains are great (some are clunkers though, like Mekkano) and the intro is pretty darn cool.

add to that a crossover with Space Ghost in his show and what more could you possibly want?  well, four more seasons of episodes, or a movie that I write about the show.
I've disliked many of the newer designs of the Herculoids, but some are pretty cool.  there's just not much you can do with such already great characters.  here's just a bunch of cool images from the opening of the show.  wish a legit DVD set (pressed, not burned) would be released.  you can get it from the MGM archives.
I really like Tundro, but Zok is my favorite.  that's probably no surprise to anyone, since he's a space dragon.  who shoots lasers.  how cool is that?
OK one quick note, I checked my Herculoids tag and there are a few more entries.  whew!


Annie Lowry said...

Wellll we are sure loving them...

David McRobie said...

which makes me happy.