Friday, January 18, 2013

JLA: Twilight (27, 28)

Darkseid has been thoroughly defeated and humiliated by High Father and the New Gods.  just like the loser that he is, of course.  he now has another problem, Brainiac has shown up to assimilate Apokolips into his system.  this causes Darkseid to go to the JLA and ask for help.  this doesn't sit well with Superman, but he goes along with the majority.
there's also some talk about Hawkgirl trying to find Thanagar and her people, and how she ended up on Earth.

naturally, he has something up his sleeve, which involves taking over Brainiac.  for an all powerful computer, Brainy didn't see that one coming.  they capture Superman and take him to the ship.  Darkseid wants to use Brainiac to find the "anti-life equation" which he's always looking for and never finding.  yeah, he's insane.
once the cavalry shows up in the form of Orion and the rest of the JLA, all hell literally breaks loose.  for an opening story, it's brutal.  Darkseid breaks Orion's back, and then he and Clark have an intense knock down drag out fight, which includes burning a hole through a foot.  Superman is intent on finishing Darkseid off completely, though he's foiled in this by Batman and isn't happy about that, either.
with the new season we get widescreen episodes AND a more serious tone.  sort of. I hate calling it "dark" because it's not completely dark.  they just tell good stories without pandering to only bad things happening or only lighthearted nonsense happening.
how many cameos can you spot here?  I'm no expert on Kirby's Fourth World series, but I think only Kamandi is missing here.  of course, Mr. Miracle and Bardo show up in th JLU, meaning they weren't quite thinking that far ahead.  which is fine with me, I'm far less of a continuity nut these days.
one more bit of foreshadowing here... J'onn talking to Hawkgirl about her people.  of course, most viewers wouldn't know who or what she was at the time- I sure didn't see what was coming!

I have to say I really enjoy the commentaries on these episode.  that's something, since I rarely listen to any of them, and with these I always wish they had done two or three a disc, instead of 3-4 a set.

"always leave 'em wanting more" right?

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