Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kamen Rider ZO

I'm watching this again thanks to Mr Owari asking about it, and it's kind of an interesting movie.  it's got such a wide variety of effects in it, which is really cool.  there's the suits, the full size puppets, rudimentary CGI and then some really cool stop-motion for the spider-woman seen here.

the design really works well in stop motion.  the full size prop suffers from looking like it weighs about three pounds, and thus lacks the gravity it needs to be effective.  the face is well done though, very chilling.
we even get to see an animated Kamen Rider.  I think it was the only time it's happened.  there was some stop-motion in Hakaider, but it wasn't nearly as extensive.  it was really cool to see this bit in the movie, which isn't the worst Kamen Rider movie, but it's not the best.  it's got some cool ideas, but doesn't have enough action in it.
still, I like the fact that it used all these different effects.  it still seems like the set up for a tv show, but it was never to be.

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