Tuesday, March 26, 2013

8mm Monster memories

I've mentioned various 8mm movies I owned as a kid on this blog in the past, but only as part of an overall blog.  last year I wrote an entire article about said films for the iconic monster magazine Famous Monsters of Filmland.  I owned several of these little movies, and loved watching them.
who knew you'd be able to buy entire movies for less that what you payed for 10 minutes of film?  adjusted for inflation, of course.

still, it was great to own them.   I'm working on a little project to be published soon (I hope) about the cool box art.  I know, I still have my Marine Boy book to finish up, and an issue of Xenorama.  all will come to fruition in it's own time.
this is one of my favorite box covers.  I had no idea it was a Johnny Sokko movie though, or I would have bought the darn thing when I was ten years old- the perfect age for Giant Robo!
the blurbs for Ken Films were often full of hyperbole- this one told us there was a giant octopus in the movie.  it doesn't mention it's food for the smaller Gappa.

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