Friday, March 1, 2013

Legion of Super Heroes theme

here's the opening theme to the cool and sadly underrated Legion of Super Heroes cartoon. I wish they had kind of made them a bit older, but I think they were headed for a Teen Titans sort of vibe. thankfully they kept away from the faux anime look that almost ruins the Titans. the theme song is pretty jazzy, but not quite as memorable as some of the other DC cartoon themes.

the wonderful thing about these shows is that they got to pick and choose from anywhere from 40-60 years of history and they could re-write the stories to make them better. plus they didn't have to worry about retconning anything to make it fit better. I do think the names were kind of dopey- all "-Kid" or "-Lass" or "-Boy" or "-Girl". some made sense, but the newer names in the 90s were better- Apparition, Spark, Alchemist... live and learn.


joecab said...

What did you think of the slightly more serious turn the series took in the second season? Me, I prefer keeping it light for this kind of thing, which is probably why I loved Batman: The Brave and the Bold so much.

David McRobie said...

I haven't watched all of the second season yet. I didn't like the whole extra Superman thing, though it makes sense in the cartoon. why not just make him Mon-El? I'll be watching it this weekend.