Tuesday, June 4, 2013

super giant Atomic Starman Poster

at least I think these are the posters for the first two movies, but if I am wrong someone will tell me.

I blame Supremelam (I can't believe I remember that) for making me want to watch these movies again.  he posted this earlier today and I agree with him 100% about this series of movies.  I've watched all four movies in the past.  I've reviewed Evil Brain From Outer Space and Attack From Space, so I'll watch the other two later on.

I've got some Phantoms to review as well, but none of those are Japanese movies.  I really like these posters, but they seem vaguely familiar, especially with Starman lifting that car above his head.  maybe it's the colors that seem to trigger my memory.  nowadays there have been so many homages to Action Comics #1 that this seems rather quaint, but for a Japanese poster from the late 50s.

I'm still amazed that these movies got released over here at all.  happy about it, but it's pretty cool.  Ken Utsui is a great hero.  he's humble without being corny, and handles the action scenes with aplomb.  looking forward to watching these movies.

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C. Elam said...

Anything that leads to more Starman is a Good Thing.

I'm not a Supergiants poster expert, but I do know about this one. I think it's for one of the ATTACK FROM SPACE films. They all are very interesting to me.