Wednesday, July 31, 2013

the first excellent version of the Marine Boy book cover

This is a prototype of the cover... how awesome does this look?  I am thoroughly impressed and amazed at it, it's that great.  It sure is eye catching, isn't it?  There's everything you could want on the cover.  The colors are just incredible.  I think the words a little bit too close together, but since this is a first draft, I'm sure the incredibly talented Dan Ross will make the final version completely astounding.

Dang! Just dang!  I keep staring at the cover.  Probably should not even say anything else.

Man, I would have  loved to have seen this looking back at me on a bookshelf growing up.

I can hardly believe this book is almost done.  It's so close to being done I can almost taste it.  I literally have been working on it since at least 2001, when I started writing down synopses for Marine Boy episodes.  I remember bringing a VHS tape to West Virginia when I visited there over Thanksgiving that year.  It was so I could watch an episode or two in the same area I watched it when I was growing up.


oldMBgeek said...

About time! YEAH!

oldMBgeek said...
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David McRobie said...

I know! 12 years is far too long! Keep watching this space!