Sunday, March 2, 2014

Johnny Sokko And His Flying Robot DVD Trailer

This set is on sale at Amazon right now for about half price, as are Ultra Q and Ultra Seven. It's too bad the Ultra stuff is such a mess legally. Anyway, I think I may pick up the Sokko set. It's a fun show, full of action and a kid mowing bad guys down right and left. I think he can drive as well.

I wonder how many sets of this show I have had over the years. I have a good copy of the movie, which isn't included here. It would be rather redundant. I do appreciate how the narrator isn't trying to sound ironic about the show.

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Mathew Jones said...

I have a copy of this series myself and quite enjoyed it. I might be tempted to purchase the official DVD release too. It's good that these classic shows are being released now