Sunday, March 23, 2014

Marine Boy- the "lost" episode

When I started my book about Marine Boy, I had 77 episodes on tape.  The quality of some of those episodes was not very good.  Eventually I discovered places to get them online and and upgraded several times.  Still, there were only the 77 episodes available.  When I asked the late Peter Fernandez about the number of episodes that were done, he assured me there would have been 78 episodes, as that would have been enough to syndicate as long as they could (three seasons used to be the standard for syndication, 26 episodes per season, so 78 was the desired number).

But no one I knew had 78 episodes.  So I wrote the episode guide with 77, thinking I was pretty safe, as this show would never get released on DVD or anything like that.  Famous last thoughts,  right?

Now the first two "seasons" of Marine Boy have been released on DVD, and I figured if there were 78 episodes I'd finally get to see this last one.  The show was also re-aired in other parts of the world recently, and lo and behold, here's the title card for that no longer lost episode.  I'm pretty sure this episode is not in the first set, so I may have to wait to see this one, but since it's been 40 years to get to see all of others (more or less) what's a few more months?

Anyway, it looks like I'll have to do a slight revision to my book- a new edition, if you will.  Or revised, anyway.  I've noticed a few things I'd like to correct as well, so this will give me a chance to get that done.

I'm still amazed that it's on DVD.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

It's fun when theyfinally come out.

Mathew Jones said...

Have you seen the lost episode yet? Is it on the 3rd DVD set?

David McRobie said...

I haven't got the last two sets yet, so I'll keep you posted.