Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun Godzilla

Since it's nearly time for the new, deadly serious, dark, gritty, gloomy, apocalyptic and probably very humorless Legendary Godzilla, I thought I'd put up a couple fun things from Godzilla's past.  Which is almost every movie other than the original.  And, whether serious Godzilla fans like it or not, most of the rest of the world sees Godzilla and giant monsters in this light.  That's not really a bad thing.  The Japanese films take themselves seriously, but have a sense of humor about the proceedings.  From what I've seen of the new movie, it's deadly serious.

I haven't seen a lot of stuff about the new movie- no trailers after the first one and only one new commercial.  I've also really tried  to avoid most fan talk about it.  I want to see it without knowing every last detail.  That's hard to do in this day and age, but so far I've managed.
 I'll be a bit put out if there's not a lot of monster action in this movie.  Everyone holds up MONSTER ZERO (1965) and GAMERA 3: SOMETHING IRIS (1999) as "there isn't a lot of monster action in these movies and they are great!".  First off, that's only true about one of them.  G3 is a decent movie, marred by too many characters and too much anime influence.  And it's too long, like most movies are these days.
MZ is only 93 minutes long, and it never stops moving along, even without the monsters- but since it's shorter the monster scenes aren't so far apart.
I left out the word epic... like all blockbuster movies these days, this one will strive to be epic.  Too bad.  I don't think  it's a secret I don't care for this new design of Godzilla, but perhaps it won't be so bad when it's moving.  Seems like most fans are happy that it looks better than the '98 disaster.

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George Guzman said...

It is funny that in addition to some current reviews, I’ve seen several recent articles talking about Godzilla, and most of their consensus reads like some of those annoying so called “serious” G-fans - the original is good (and perhaps now being over praised), while the rest are not worth talking about. What they fail to see is that many of us became Godzilla fans because of the later fun movies! Heck, I saw Ghidrah, Monster Zero and Destroy All Monsters before I saw the first film.

I am cautiously optimistic about this movie. It is getting positive reviews, so we will see.