Sunday, May 22, 2016

Kung Fury 2015

At least his horse stance looks good since his form looked terrible.  Dang it, martial artists should never watch these things as we can be a little too critical about the way kung fu looks when untrained people are doing it.  Anyway, it was half funny.  I was grateful it was only 30 minutes, as of course they wore out every 80s action flick trope (and several of the 90s ones as well) in that short time.  Still, the performances were decent, some of the effects were good and the music was spot on and ever so annoying.

I did think the VHS tape effects got old in a hurry- one tracking thing and a few lines were funny, having it happen every five minutes... boring.  We got the joke.   Making fun of poor dub jobs got old in the 80s and CG wasn't even a thought for low budget actioners, even if they wanted to.  So stop-motion would have looked better for this homage/parody.

But most of the low budget direct to VHS flicks weren't very good, and this isn't great either.  So perhaps it's perfect.

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