Saturday, May 14, 2016

RIP Darwyn Cooke

This gifted author and artist passed away today at the age of 53.  I had first heard his name in the commentaries of the DCU cartoons about his storyboards, though I don't think he ever did a commentary himself. I then got the (misleadingly titled) Justice League: The New Frontier movie and quite enjoyed that, though now that I've read the books it was based on it's A. too short and B. lots of changes were made just because they wanted more Batman in everything.  Still, I'm happy to have the books and the blu ray in my collection.

I really haven't read much more of his work, though I was kind of looking forward to this Future Quest book.  If anyone could get the sensibilities of the cartoons down just right (aside from me, of course) it would be him.  This may be the first comic book I buy in over 15 years.

RIP Darwyn,  Thank you for all the great cartoons and comics.

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