Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Invaders Classic v 4

So this is the final volume of the original run of the Invaders.  It's got some good stories in it, plus some good text pages.  I do wish they had included "What if...?" #4 instead of the 90s Invaders miniseries.  It's OK, but not once does anyone smile in those four issues.  Everyone, women included, are gritting their teeth.  It's laid out well, but the faces are all the same.  There's not much humor in the book, which makes it a pretty dreary mini-series, even if we get to the Aarkus, the original Vision, again.

Most of these stories take place in the United States, with the Whizzer and Miss America taking the place of Union Jack and Spitfire for the duration.  We see them as well, but only a few pages an issue.  The Kid Commandos are present here and there but also not very often.  The main villain is Lady Lotus, whom I didn't remember but was a good adversary, a nice change of pace from the Red Skull.

There are a few text pages as well, which is always a plus.  It wrapped up nicely, but it's sad the Invaders didn't get a longer run.

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