Friday, August 5, 2016

Big Book of Japanese Giant Monster Movies

Things have been quiet here for a while, and that's a story for the next post.  However, I have gotten two new books from John LeMay.  This is his newest book, or rather ebook, as the case may be.  It's really a lot of fun, full of great information and it's well written to boot.  It covers most of the fantastic cinema from Japan in the Showa era, and a few other Asian movies.  Nearly all of them include giant monsters, but there are a few movies he covers that don't have them in there.  I doubt anyone is going to take him to task about those movies being included in the book.

I do hope he decides to publish it as a "real" book, as his "Essential Godzilla: 1954-1975" is pretty darn amazing.  I know there are a lot of books about Godzilla and company out there now (I would have loved all of them as a kid, but especially these) but these two belong on any monster fan's shelf, and especially if they love giant Japanese monsters.

I'm not exactly sure how to get these books.  I'll ask John and edit this post if need be.

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