Monday, October 31, 2011

Thor (2011) preview...

just started watching this movie.  so far it looks pretty good, even if the fight with the Frost Giants is done as dark as possibly to hide the cg effects better.
we are introduced to Thor and Loki early on as kids, and they even seem to like each other.

that's not quite the Marvel version of Asgard I am used to seeing, but it does look far more like a place to live also.  kind of cool.  I like the floating building on the far right, that's a nice touch.
wow, one can see why Thor might need a humility lesson in the near future.  too bad there won't be a Don Blake in this movie, or at least one that is Thor's other form.  I've always kind of wished that they were two separate people, or that Thor was an extension of him, rather than the other way around.  could have made for some cool stories.
nice nod to the Warriors 3, though Hogun the Grim doesn't look very Scandinavian, does he?  and where's his helmet?  nice to see Volstagg has been on a diet!

so I am looking forward to the rest of the movie.


joecab said...

But you gotta admit Fandral the Dashing was AWESOME. Kenneth Brannagh was an inspired choice for director with the obviously Shakespeareaninspired notes in Marvel's Thor.

Xenorama said...

he was great. this movie was a lot better than I thought it would be. highly enjoyable.