Wednesday, February 8, 2012

a fandom by any other name...

odd things occur when to me when I am working on occasion.

take this- ever notice how some genre fandoms get easily identifiable nick names?  you know, like "Trekkies" or "Whovians" or... uh... well, Big Bang Theory has fans called "Bangers" now.  are Lord of the Rings fans called "Ringers"?  I'll cover comedy shows in a bit, but dang I'm drawing a blank here.

help me out here.  do Xena fans or Buffy Fans or Simpsons' fans have those sort of names?  are South Park fans called "Parkers"?  how about fans of the Japanese hero Ultraman? I find it odd that there seem to be so few of these shows that inspire these names.

it's even less with dramatic shows, it seems.  I think it would be funny to call fans of "24" "Daywalkers" but that probably won't go over well at all.  what would you call fans of "Mission: Impossible"?  I'd think "Lost" would have a fandom, as it seems to be the type of show that would inspire it.

comedy shows don't really have such names either, though "Big Bang" does have one.  perhaps they have to have some genre connection?  I mean, does "Friends" have a fanbase called "Friendlies"?  I gotta admit I think "Smarties" would be a fun name for Get Smart.

so let's have a contest- think of the funniest or cleverest names for some shows.  let's not do music or movies at this time.

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