Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rogues of Sherwood Forest (1950)

Prince John has returned to England after Richard the Lionheart's death and is king now.  he's trying to get revenge on Robin Hood, which means his son.  there's a lot of daring do to be seen, and King John starts raising taxes and torturing his subjects.  this starts to rile the barons and Robin rounds up the old Merrie Men to stop King John before things get rotten (sorry).

this is a fun sequel/remake, if not up to the standards of the wonderful original.  and what are the odds of this Robin falling for a ward of the court named "Marianne"?

Robin, Jr is played by John Derek, who is quite good in the role, though can't measure up to Errol Flynn, of course.  another fun thing is the late Alan Hale, Sr. in his third movie as Little John.  he was in the silent version and Flynn's movie and now this one, which was his last film.  his son was in several other swashbucklers as well later on.

this was available on DVD from Alpha, and it's a pretty nice looking print, as these pictures attest.  it's a very enjoyable way to spend 80 minutes.

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