Saturday, January 26, 2013

Drunken Master Trailer

this trailer is rather funny with it's English translations. they've translated "Immortal" as "Fairy" which isn't quite right. still, the trailer gives you a rather good idea of just what you'll get in the movie, which is still one of Jackie Chan's best movies. lots of fight scenes and humor.


Annie Lowry said...

Oh i forgot how much I love "jacky" chan.
He was soooo younh here.
This one looks hysterical

David McRobie said...

oh, you may get a copy of this then. if you are nice.

Annie Lowry said...

I have to be nice?
Nice is not in my vocabulary...that does not compute!

Cody said...

The narrator of the trailer is Rik Thomas. According to an interview in an issue of "Giant Robot", Rik started dubbing movies in Hong Kong in the mid-70s, but he'd started his own company (Omni Productions) in the late 80s. Rik himself can be heard in every Godzilla dub (sans "2000") from 1989 to 2004. He usually dubs villains or gruff military characters (like Akira Nakao, who he's dubbed in all the Godzilla movies).