Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Japanese Sci-Fi Display at SFO

I got these pictures a few days ago (well, maybe a couple weeks now) from a friend of mine either on her way to or from Hawai'i.  I'm not exactly sure where this came from now, since all she said was what I titled this post as.  Still, it's pretty darn cool.

I'm not a huge fan of this style of toy, but it's really great to see all of them out in the open for the public to view.  They have Ultra-monsters, but no Ultraman.  weird.
Here's the Godzilla portion, filled with friends and foes. Several different versions of Godzilla are displayed.
Speed Racer now. Funny how it's mostly the Mach Five here, with only one figure.  The helmet is kind of cool.
The first Japanese cartoon series in the US- Astro Boy.  Looks like they gave both the US and Japanese titles as well.  I wish I could see what they wrote about the characters.
Finally, the "Henshin" heroes are here, though I don't think Mirror Man really belongs, it's nice to see a good variety of heroes, rather than just Kikaida and Kamen RIder.


Mathew Jones said...

Pretty cool merchandise there...

David McRobie said...

It's at the San Fran airport. Pretty nifty display.