Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Invaders Classic 2

This is such a cool book.  I really enjoy the whole concept of the Invaders, saying that the comic book adventures of the WWII heroes were just that, fictionalized accounts of what they were doing then.  This is the second book (of four) that reprints the whole series (minus a few reprint books in the run themselves, which I do find lamentable, as I enjoyed the original stories they ran as well).

In this volume we get two new Invaders, Spitfire and her brother, Union Jack.  We also get a new super hero team from the UK, the Crusaders.  Well, they only last two issues, but one of them does return later on, in 1946.  The Avengers make a guest appearance in the first Invaders annual, wrapping up some loose ends pretty neatly from a story Roy wrote in 1969.  Seeing the Vision fight the Torch is always an interesting thing, given what we knew in 1977 when the second story was written.

It's interesting that when Roy wrote his JSA/All Star stories at DC he took the opposite tack, that the adventures the JSA appeared in were the real deal.  He made it work, but I think the Marvel version really was a better choice.

I still need to get the third and fourth volumes.

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