Friday, May 16, 2014

Godzilla vs King Shisa, Rodan and Angilas

Since the new movie officially opened today, I am showing this fun clip from the 50th anniversary Godzilla movie. This is a movie I like quite a bit, probably my favorite since 1975. Sure, it could be a lot better- less martial arts fights, longer monster fights, a less overpowering Godzilla, but it's never dull or boring. I do have an excellent fan edit which really helps. And there's a ton of monsters in cameo appearances. I've quote Mr Owari a lot, but "I like FINAL WARS, I must be destroying the fandom."

Rodan looks pretty good here, but Angilas is missing his snout horn and King Shisa's head looks odd. He's also not nearly as furry as his 1974 incarnation was, which is one of my favorites. I wonder why Shisa, a mystical monster like Mothra, would be able to be controlled by the Xians. I know, don't apply too much logic to ANY Godzilla movie, much less this one.

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