Sunday, June 1, 2014

X-Men: Days of Future PastM (2014)

It's no big secret I am an old school comic book reader.  The new crop of movies have been hit or miss with me, though I have enjoyed most of the Marvel ones to an extent, and really did like the Avengers a lot.  I don't think I've enjoyed the DC movies very much recently, at least not since about 1980.  I barely remember the Batman movies and never did see the two new Superman films.  Part of the problem is I usually know what's going to happen, due to that extensive comic book history I have in my brain.

And as stated before, the "functional" costumes without masks are really a drag.  What's the point of having code names if they never get used?  Boring.  Oh, there's gonna be spoilers, after the cut.

Having said all that, I really enjoyed this movie.  A lot.  It may be the best superhero movie since INFRA MAN.  And from me, that's high praise. This movie was the perfect length, no false endings, plenty of humor, Wolverine is still kind of a jerk, plenty of cameos from the six other movies (and since I haven't seen but three of them, and then only once each, I probably missed several things) and action scenes with giant robots IN THE DAYLIGHT.  Which looked great.

Another plus was that the fights didn't have the "normal speed/slow up/normal speed" bullet time crap all the way through them.  No shaky cam, either.  That was great.  The Sentinels looked decent enough, had a little purple on them, but I do miss sleek robots.  Peter Dinklage is great as  Bolivar Trask, giving him just enough humanity that you can't quite hate him to want him dead.

It's a really good movie, the best X one I've seen.  Sure, I wish the Beast looked more like the one in the comics, but it's well worth seeing.  Way better than the last movie I saw in the theater.  In fact, I could see this one again.

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George Guzman said...

I was never big on X-Men. However, I did see the first three movies at the theater and for the most part, I did enjoy them, even the third one (which many viewed as the weakest of the trio). I’ve never bothered to watch any of the offspring or newer X-Men features. Maybe I will check this one out when it becomes available for home viewing.