Monday, December 29, 2014

Brave and the Bold redux

Watching the series again and I love it even more. It may even by my favorite over Batman: The Animated series.  It's at least tied, but it sure makes me smile a lot more.  Granted, the tones are very different shows, whereas the rest (The Batman, Batman Beyond and whatever computer animated show came after this one) all strive for a darker look and attitude.  This one has all the pluses, great fun stories, great casting, lots of respect for DC's older history and they still have a lot of more serious episodes (any time the Specter shows up, for example).

I also love team ups.  I do think this Batman also has the "always knows what's going on" sort of mentality that permeates the comics and other shows, but it's not quite so prevalent.  He does have a weapon for every occasion, all in his belt.  In fact, the belt can even turn into a light saber.  The Batmobile is a giant transformer.  All of these are minor quibbles, since mostly it's cool to watch the team ups with various second bananas and even the great Space Ghost has a six minute episode with Batman.

And honestly, I was a bit let down by the last couple shows, so I'm going to watch then again and see how I feel about them.  A little Bat-mite goes a LONG way, despite PeeWee being his voice.

I wish they had actually put them out in real season sets, instead of "Season 1 Part 1".  Of course, I bought them all anyway...


Danny Coffin said...

I enjoyed this series,as well(thought Diedrich Bader did quite well voicing The Caped Crusader...)A nice counter-balance to the other,''Dark Knight''-oriented toons,though I liked some of those too.

David McRobie said...

the recent Batman cartoons have all been very well done. We as fans have been very fortunate.