Tuesday, December 30, 2014


That is all.  Just a last minute reminder of how much we love Godzilla and all his friends.  These are all screen captures from GODZILLA VS MEGALON, one of my favorite movies.

Saw it at age 11, just the right time to love giant monsters and heroic robots.  It didn't make it's way to the Longmont Theater until October of that year, but it was well worth the wait.
And as I've said before, it was complete and uncut, except for the opening credits.  We got the swearing, the pinups in the truck and all that blood from people, plus the kidnapping of Roku-san. If anyone tells you differently you should smack them 'cause they aren't your friend.
I love how this was the first Godzilla movie to be aired nationally on NBC.  Too bad it was cut down into an hour with John Belushi in the Godzilla suit.  I'd like to see it again, sometime.  I wonder what the viwership for NBC was then.  It was a very successful movie in the States.


Danny Coffin said...

I'll never waver in my love for this flick,the 1st Godzilla movie I saw on the big screen(at the late,lamented Bowl Drive-In.)Megalon's still one of my favorite evil kaiju!

David McRobie said...

Agreed, Danny. Can't say it's a well made movie, but it's a lot of fun.