Saturday, December 20, 2014

the Xeno books

I visited Time Warp Comics today, and showed the owner (and long time friend) an issue of Xenorama.  He hadn't seen any and didn't even know about them.  He asked me if I had been promoting it.  Apparently I need to do that more often, especially since I have three issues of Xenorama and two side projects published.  I think they would do well in comic book stores, so I told him I'd do some more advertising and here we are.  I'm working on issue #18 as we speak which will feature all sorts of cool stuff, including Marvel's great Godzilla series from the 70s.

How's that for a teaser?

So here's some links to order Xenorama (who thinks this issue is worth $800?  They will never be out of print).  The Amazon page has four of them, click here.  I'd recommend ordering through them, these are some great prices!

Anyone who likes 8mm home movies should really enjoy the Sprocket Monsters special.  I think I may do a follow up sometime, depending on if I can find enough other movies.  Maybe one with foreign movie posters and home films.  Thanks Wayne, for reminding me to promote these books more often.  And if any dealers want to order from me directly, please contact me at xenorama at and I'll get them to you for a good price.

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