Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy 9th Birthday, Dacya!

This really has nothing to do with roller derby Xenorama, but I'm posting it anyway.  It's something I do every years now.  Aside from it being my birthday today, it's my tortoise shell cat Dacya's birthday as well.  She's nine years old now, and has been with me since she was seven months old.  She had such huge ears when I got her I wondered if she would ever grown into them.  But she finally did, after some rather awkward teenage years (she had a big body and a tiny head for about a year).  She's been my constant companion through a lot of stuff in both of our lives.

When I got her I was looking for a tortie, since I had one before in Colorado.  I had gone to about three shelters before I visited Friends of Cats.  They had to visiting rooms, and several cats I was interested in, but until I saw little "Clementine" sleeping in a cup on top of scratching post I wasn't sure which one I would be taking home.

Of course, when the attendant there told me when she was born I knew she was the one.  She didn't like the cat carrier then and she still doesn't now, though she and her sister TJ did travel quite well across the country with me a year and a half ago.

She's really a great cat who tells me everything she thinks I need to know.

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