Saturday, April 4, 2015

Xenorama #18 is GO!

I think I use that term every time there's a new issued published, and some day I'll at least have to review the movie that inspired it.  Hmm, that's a great thought.  I really am a genius!  Anyway, after a few delays for the color editions back cover (it was exactly the same as the black and white editions, but for some reason createspace didn't like it now) the issue is now ready to be ordered!  It's chock full of goodness as I have mentioned in the last few posts here and there.

I am kind of amazed to think that this is the 18th issue.  Someone has already ordered a copy of the black and white edition, and I really haven't done any advertising at all- no websites or message boards have been posted on, at least by me.  That's kind of cool as well.  You can order the color copy here and the black and white copy here, or you can wait a few days and get them from Amazon.  Either way I'm happy about it.

I have already got plans for the next issue.  Barring any life threatening illnesses, I'd like to get three issues out a year, which seems doable since I've so many fine creators on board these days.  I'm always open to more as well!    Here's to this new issue!

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