Thursday, August 12, 2010

best comic book ever

the big 6, plus the small 2
yes, there is no question about it, this is the greatest series of comic books ever, the greatest team up ever and just period the greatest.

OK, I may be a bit biased.  a lot biased. as I've told just about anyone that has ever asked, the Avengers and the JLA were the first two comics I ever remember reading, and oddly enough, Avengers #70 was essentially Avengers vs JLA, but I was not old enough to know it.

anyway, after an ill-fated early 80s attempt was canceled (oh, the pain, the pain of it all, I remember it well) 20 years later I finally got my dream crossover. 

and thankfully, it was in the hands of the best Avengers writer there could have been, Kurt Busiek, and the BEST Avengers artist ever, George Perez.  George did the art on the first book as well.  there are other writers who could have done a good job, but Busiek brought the right amount of humor and action and drama needed to the story.  Perez was amazing in every way.  I see new things in the panels even now.

so this is issue #1, and it starts out with Krona entering the Marvel Universe and encountering the Grandmaster (also present in Avengers #70, yes that makes me ever so happy). Terminus shows up in the DCU, and Starro appears in Marvelverse. both teams realize that something is wrong.  each one ends up visiting the others world.  Batman beats up the Punisher (sadly, unseen) and Hawkeye gets to say the funniest thing ever about the JLA.

then the battle is on!  but what game is the Grandmaster actually playing?

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Chad said...

It was a great crossover series. I particularly enjoyed the Squadron Supreme wannabes crack of Hawkeye's.

You need to get the Ultraforce-Avengers team ups. Perez worked on it as well and truthfully seems to have inspired some of the goings on in this series.