Friday, August 13, 2010

The Guyver

basic title, huh
the first time I heard about this movie was via Markalite.  the reviewer was not kind to the movie, but he also got a few facts wrong (one of them was the movie broke the fourth wall in the middle, which it clearly does not).  so I had very low expectations.

it's not a horrible movie, really, especially when compared to all the sci-fi level stuff that's been aimed in our direction in the last 20 years. the costumes are great, but it suffers from a dearth of superheroic action (which is one of my common laments about various movies of this genre).  what's there is good, there's just not enough of it.

the comedy is kind of lame, but could be worse.  however, the sequel is a better movie.  I'll watch it later. I've only ever seen about 15 minutes of any of the cartoon versions.
good looking costume


C. Elam said...

I agree - it's not a worthless movie, but I've seen much, much better. "Dark Hero" is far more interesting in just about every respect.

I still can't get over the absolutely dreadful performance Vivian Wu gave in this movie.

Xenorama said...

no doubt, she was pretty awful, though she didn't or wasn't given much more to do than cry.

Danny Coffin said...

Perhaps making up for Ms. Wu's performance is Jimmie Walker's turn as Zoanoid(wait for it...)DY-NO-MIIITE!!!
I liked this flick well enough;sadly,I've seen FAR worse-I can't unsee ''MANOS-THE HANDS OF FATE'' no matter how hard I try.

C. Elam said...

I guess I was hoping for a performance better than "cringe-inducing" and "embarrassing" from someone who starred in an Academy Award-winning movie.

Though I will say, I wouldn't lay the blame entirely at Vivian Wu's doorstep. Ahem.