Thursday, August 5, 2010

one armed destruction

original poster
holy poo.  just about 70 minutes into this excellent sequel to the The One-Armed Swordsman (1967) and it's even better than I remembered.

it's action packed.  our hero, Fang Kang (Yu Wang) has to take on EIGHT evil thieve-lords, who are all masters of the blade themselves.  there is a lot of blood letting in here, and Fang is really unstoppable.  at least so far, he's seen through the enemy before they even get started, and has traps planned for them.

it's a nice twist, as usually the enemy is the one planning ahead.  with eight villains to wipe out, he's made short work of three of them already.

the new Dragon Dynasty DVD looks and sounds great.  the English dub sounds weird to me, though, even though I know it's the original one.  perhaps I am more used to the 70s voices than I thought I was!  there are no extras on here, aside from the overabundance of trailers for other DD movies.  thank goodness the menu button precludes having to watch them.


Danny Coffin said...

Fang Kang indeed brings the thunder in this killer sequal!The Eight Sword Kings are some of the coolest Shaw villains-so ''e-ville''...Also,Pops&Tong Ngaai really ratchet up the action in this flick.

Xenorama said...

it's an amazing amount of action, with some very cool weapons being used. and not a single computer!
the print looks like the movie was made yesterday, it's that good.