Monday, September 13, 2010

a Derby Crisis!

this is too good a picture not to enjoy here, and possibly explain it a bit:
as some of you know, I have been doing some officiating for the local San Diego Roller Derby since January (which is amazing to me, in and of itself).  I've made a lot of new, good friends there and have been having a great time.  and losing weight, which is a bonus!

one of my new friends is Allison Ross, who goes by the name "Wonder Whoop'em" when she is in her derby gear.  this has led to some small discussion about Wonder Woman, here and there.  in fact, I called her youngest daughter "Wonder Tot" earlier today.  I am sure Allison just thought it was cute, without knowing there actually used to be a "Wonder Tot" in the past.

anyway, this past weekend there was an away bout in Huntington Beach (up in the "OC", if you will).  lo and behold, there was a skater up there going by the nom de guerre of "Wonder Roller".  naturally, this was a bit of fun for my comic book guy mind.  so of course I had to have a picture taken with both women.

now, I have no idea which one is from Earth 1 or Earth 2, since Southern California is kind of it's own little world in and of itself.

still, one more reason I love derby!

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