Thursday, September 23, 2010

Giant Robo rocks- runch!

this is from episode episode #7- "Our Enemy, Scalion".  thanks to hulu for showing this awesome series.  now if we could only get a legit DVD set...

anyway, Spider of the Gargoyle Gang has a scheme that involves lots of death and killing, mostly of the Unicorn Agents.

we also find out that Gargoyle Gang members play chess, though apparently not very well.

I like the way Scalion looks though, he's one bizarre monster.  most of the monsters in this series, and in Japanese monsterdom are oddball looking critters.  that's part of the appeal.

as I mentioned, this is one action packed and rather violent show.  Scalion spits acid and >spoiler warning< completely disintegrates the rather hapless Spider at the end of the episode.  right down to a pool of soap suds.

sad way to die, and the hands of your own monster!

Johnny's about 12 or so in the show, and handles a gun and drives and has no compunction against blasting away enemy Gargoyle Agents.  his parents are mentioned, but the producers never bothered with them, or much with his school life.
here's the monstrous foe.  what would you think he was?


Professor Fester's School Of Festology said...

actually...there has been a legit release on the MGM ON DEMAND/LIMMITED EDITION COLLECTION.....currently out of stock on amazon, but it's out there nonetheless.

Xenorama said...

I don't know if that was ever actually made. I saw it on Amazon, but it was never "available" for purchase. maybe some day.

Robo Movie said...

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Bill the Butcher said...

Today, almost forty years after I watched it on television,Svalion looks like a....penis manta ray?