Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gomora vs Red King

gotcha in a headlock, whatcha gonna do about it?
I really enjoyed the Ultra Galaxy Big Monster Battle Forever (whatever the title actually is called).  seeing various Ultra monsters fight it out is a lot of fun.

and having Ancient Monster Gomora be the hero is a great thing.  here we see him handing Skull Monster Red King his butt in the first episode battle.

I like Red King, but if it's a choice between him and Gomora, that's an easy one.  I've never understood the popularity of the ol' pinhead monster.  he was easily defeated by Ultraman... twice!
judo throw!

now Gomora on the other hand, actually beat Ultraman in their first encounter.  bad enough that the Beta Capsule was knocked out of him!  did anyone ever explain exactly how that happened, by the way?  I always thought that was a little unusual.

anyway, Gomora rocks, there's no two ways about that.

now if we could only have a return of Light and Heat Monster Keeler (or Kira, or whatever) and my ol pal the crying Ghost Monster Seaboz, I'd be pretty happy.
final blast!


Danny Coffin said...

Man,Gomora's really man( Red King,isn't he?

Xenorama said...

yeah, it's a really cool fight. do you have this series Danny?