Sunday, September 19, 2010


while I am on a MechaGodzilla kick, let's have an informal vote.  which poster do you prefer?

this is the original Cinema Shares poster complete with the "Bionic Monster" title.  I watched the show, I know it was a big hit, but it's not nearly as exciting as this movie is.

this one shows you everything the movie is going to offer you, three giant monsters and one giant robot version of Godzilla.  it leaves out one very cool Interpol Agent played by Shin Kishida.  there's also a great score by Masaru Satô.

I also really like the inclusion of a new mystical guardian monster in King Shisa who has some neat powers of his own, reflecting MG's eye rays.

hmm, I seem to have gotten a little off tangent here.  OK, onto the next poster, which is very famous!

this one showed up on Famous Monsters #135, which I immediately purchased.  there were never enough Godzilla articles in that magazine for me back then (though when I look back, there were more than I thought, though bt the 70s most of them were reprints of older articles).

the cover is by the great artist Basil Gogos, and it's really good.  one would never know there were two other monsters in the movie, but it looks pretty exciting, and the monsters themselves are well represented.  this didn't happen in a lot of US Godzilla posters (DAM, Megalon, etc).

FM #135 also stated that King Ghidorah was in the movie, as one of the GOOD monsters!  back then, mistakes like that were understandable.  but really, who would make a movie with the villain's villain Ghidorah as a hero? 

no one would buy that.


Professor Fester's School Of Festology said...

im gonna go with BIONIC MONSTER---while the Gogos art is iconic,just the title of BIONIC MONSTER alone seals the deal for me, as that was the title used for the version i first saw at the drive-in when the movie was first released in the states.

Xenorama said...

agreed. the Gogos is almost too up close and personal, though it is great.