Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Meet Austin Idol (2009 shoot interview)

"shoot" interviews are interviews done by wrestlers where they talk about what really was going on behind the scenes while they wrestled.  they are pretty common now.  I find the older stars the more interesting ones that I have seen.

I got this interview from Highspots, and it's very interesting.  Austin was apparently a "most wanted" shoot, as he had disappeared from the scene many years ago.

turns out he was hiding in plain sight!

Austin comes across as really humble and likable.  he's funny as he tells his stories, especially his reason for leaving the WWWF in 1974. he has a lot of integrity about his reasons for being in so many territories.

"easiest to hire, easiest to fire" was his motto, especially in Tennessee.  seems like it kept him fresh with many places, which turns out to be a good idea overall.  he looks about the same, and is in great health.  he discusses his diet and such as well, and the book he is writing.

yes, that's a real autograph on the DVD cover.  fortunately the sound on the interview is good, as sometimes it can really be poor.  nicely lit as well.


Chad McAlpin said...

The Universal Heartthrob was a blast to watch in Georgia, Continental, and Memphis. I loved his matches with The King against the Road Warriors. I think his aversion to flying due to the plane crash is one of the main things that kept him from being a huge star once wrestling went National. He had the look, charisma, and ability and for those of us that saw we know how good he was.

Xenorama said...

I saw him first when he and the King were challenging the Road Warriors, and I thought this could be the team that might beat them.

did you watch the interview I sent you yet?