Saturday, September 25, 2010

more reasons why The Brave and the Bold rules

these are all from "The Siege of Starro" part one.  they actually make Starro a pretty creditable menace, due to the Silver- er, Faceless Hunter helping Starro along.

here we see four reasons why this is a great cartoon.  four different Batmobiles, including the early roadster. 

that is all shades of awesome.  the rest of the battle in the Batcave features a giant dinosaur and many other trophies, though I certainly wish the giant penny had come into play somehow.  trophy rooms just rock.

here we have a Starro spore controlled Vixen as she battles her fiance` Bwana Beast.  yes, he has always looked this silly.  but that's not really the point here.  he is riding Kaboobie, from Shazzan

again, that is too cool for words for any cartoon, especially one with Batman.

I do have to take exception to Wiki's calling Captain Marvel of all heroes a "C-list" hero.  I mean, really?  maybe NOW, but he sold more comic books than Superman back in the day.  that's just a bad thing to write, period end of story. and I'm not even a huge fan of the big Red Cheese, especially him placed in the DCU proper.

finally, there's this shot.  I don't think I need to explain it much, especially if you have clicked on the first Starro link.  without Starro, there's no JLA, without the JLA there's no Fantastic Four and so on...

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