Sunday, September 26, 2010

MOTW - Arise, Megalon!

anyone who knows me know I unashamedly love Godzilla vs Megalon (1973).  I saw it in the theater on October 9th, 1976 when it made it to CO (I recently looked that up, gotta love micro fiche!).
age 11 (and a half) was the perfect age to see four giant monsters slugging it out in the Japanese countryside.  since there was no home video, the stock footage wasn't quite as evident, nor as noticeable to group of excited kids.  even if the awesome US theatrical poster lied to us a bit, we really didn't mind.
it's nice to see a great looking print of the movie.  my only wish is that AIP had dubbed the voices, not that I hate the HK voices, but Titra would have been nicer.


Danny Coffin said...

Me&my cousin Mark were STOKED to see this flick(the TV ads certainly helped in that regard...;) )We finally got to see it at the old Bowl Drive-In with his folks,&seeing Godzilla,Jet Jaguar,Gigan&Megalon up on that big screen RULED!That memory,as well as how cool all the kaiju look,have helped make ''GODZILLA VS MEGALON'' one of my all-time favorite G-flicks for sure.

Xenorama said...

right on! seeing it on the HUGE screen outside would have been amazing.