Friday, September 10, 2010

Southern Knights/Crusaders #1

a cool cover
after recently re-reading these stories, I think they are good and do not deserve to be forgotten.

so I'll be going through them, once in a while.

here we have the origin issue, which is one of the few comics to introduce four new heroes in their own book right away (well, up until the b/w independent explosion happened).  it was very unusual at the time, anyway.

our heroes all meet up in a rainstorm in Atlanta, GA, and yes, they do think the dragon is the bad guy, so there is the fight scene there between the heroes.  then they have a meeting a form a team- The Crusaders.

it's a good first issue, overall.  the dialog needs some work, and the art by Jackson "Butch" Guice is nice, but it improves in the next issue.    the late Sam Grainger inks really helped out there (Sam has always been one of my favorite inkers, a nice clean line).

anyway, it's a good start, and only got better.

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Anonymous said...

That looks pretty cool. There were a plethora of really good heroes put out by small publishers that have sadly been forgotten. Very cool you are keeping these guys out there!