Thursday, September 23, 2010

where was THIS Spider-man?

I think I remember seeing this promo, or something like it, back in the day.  I wish the show had lived up to even this much potential.  I mostly remember wanting to like it more, but always wishing there was more Spider-man and more action. 
they can't all be this fun, I suppose!  and the lame 70s pseudo-jazz soundtrack has gotta go!


Anonymous said...

That show was brutally bad, and yeah the promo looked as if it could have been good. Sad as it is the best version of Spidey we got on TV that wasn't a cartoon was on Electric Company.(I am not including the Japanese show in this as it was cool, but not the Marvel Spdiey, and many have never seen it here.) Still the show was way better than the abysmal Shazam abomination.


Xenorama said...

Ima send you some Japanese Spidey soon, as well.