Sunday, November 13, 2011

Night of the Batmen!

there's a showdown in Gotham, and the Vigilante is gonna let Batman take on the varmits all on his lonesome.  he respects a man for protecting his ground.

but in the best singing cowboy tradition, we get a song about Batman, possibly called "The Blue and Grey".  and it's not a Civil War song.  Vig helps out a little bit, but not so's Batman would notice.
while battling Kanjar Ro Batman is rather severely injured.  Green Arrow, Captain Marvel, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter (why don't they ever call him that any more) are all with him. the first three leave Batman to J'onn's care.
due to Aquaman publishing his new book, the other three heroes decide to cover in Gotham while Batman recuperates.  they all have a hard time in one night, thinking Batman could defeat about 12 villains all on his own in that evening.  shades of the Silver Age!
what is the appeal of this loser?  "I never miss" is his claim, and he misses Green Arrow about 340 times.  weak and lame. it only takes GA one arrow to put him out of commission.  then four or five more villains show up.
Aquaman takes on the Penguin, and this submarine looks very familiar to me. just not sure where I've seen it before... Captain Marvel takes on Bane, Grundy, Croc and maybe Blockbuster while Plastic Man runs into Catwoman.
the wrap up is a battle with the Joker.  of course Batman returns and destroys the Joker's plot with one batarang, but we all saw that coming.  then we get Batmen from different Earths and times all showing up to help out.  a very fun episode.


C. Elam said...

The appeal of Deadshot is pretty much entirely due to how he was used in the 1980s Suicide Squad comic written by John Ostrander. I'm pretty sure he became part of THAT book because no one really wanted him anymore. Apart from Ostrander, Deadshot hasn't been much in my recollection (and it was Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers who dug the guy up in the first place).

Xenorama said...

he's still lame.

I was also sort of expecting you to I.D. all those other Batmans.

stumped? lol

C. Elam said...

All I can say there is that they got him for that book because he was. Other than that, it's a testament to how good John Ostrander is that he was able to get over a string of second-rate (or worse!) villains in that comic.

Oh, I could, but I have to give you something to do, ne? :)