Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ultraman 17: Passport to Infinity

one of the weirdest Ultraman episodes ever.  possibly the most bizarre monster he fights, a stone thing that alters reality.  it's called Bullton in the Japanese version, but who knows why.  Sir Yesterday is the scientist who gets to experience it first.

this is just a great shot for a tv show to even attempt.  it's completely unlike anything done on US tv, especially for a kids show in the sixties.
Bullton makes Ito run up a vast amount of steps that apparently go nowhere.  this leads to a funny sight gag as he has to jump off a cliff.
Bullton is formed from the three stones from space, once they are brought together.  the army sends it's tanks in, but to no avail.  when did Japan get an armed service?  maybe by the far future of 1993 they have planes and tanks.
Ultraman's super spinning power stops the Bullton by making it's antenna blow a fuse, or something.  hard to tell, actually.
he then finishes it off in the usual way, with a Spacium blast.  actually it just de-powers the thing, and Ultraman then takes back to space.
it sure is one weird episode.  props for doing something so different and for not explaining just exactly what Bullton is. it's Subtitle: Four-Dimensional Monster (四次元怪獣 Yojigen Kaijū) and it's just that.  I'll have to watch Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle again, since I forgot Bullton was in there.


john barrick said...

Definitely one of the great episodes. I'll have to put that one on tomorrow.

Xenorama said...

the first time I saw the episode on grainy multi-gen VHS tape it was hard to fathom everything. I like it a lot more now.

C. Elam said...

when did Japan get an armed service? maybe by the far future of 1993 they have planes and tanks.

1950. That's when the JSDF traces its origins.. I mean, Godzilla and company had to fight somebody before they started fighting amongst themselves.

Xenorama said...

you are a genius, Mr. Elam.