Friday, February 13, 2015

RIP Gary Owens

This is one obit I didn't want to write, but now I have to.  I met Gary Owens at some San Diego Comic Con in the early 00s. It was after a voice acting panel that also had Maurice LaMarche. Two great reasons to see that and it was one of the best panels I've ever attended. The whole panel was hilarious and told great stories.

Chiefest of which is that everyone LOVED Gary Owens. He was humble and kind and told them to stop saying such things, but they didn't. When I caught up with him talking to Bob Haney in the DC booth, he gave me his autograph. The next day I ran into him outside the convention center and got a picture of him. Hopefully I can upload it soon. He did many voiceovers, but to me he'll always be Space Ghost. RIP Gary, you will be missed.

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George Guzman said...

I saw Gary Owens at Ray Harryhausen's Walk-of-Fame star ceremonies in 2003 (Gary narrated the brilliant "Aliens, Dragons, Monsters & Me").

RIP the great Gary Owens.