Wednesday, November 30, 2011

hey kids, comics!

got these goodies (plus a reprint of Captain America #1) in the mail today.  thanks go to Mr. Owari himself for such a generous donation of gifts.

I've read a lot of the early stories from Marvel/Timely, but I've never read the comics themselves.  I have other reprints from various Timely books here and there, but never these two.

the Green Arrow book is cool, as it's the Jack Kirby stories.  he's still a goofball Batman clone with a bow, but the art looks pretty darn good.  the stories... well, I'll read them again and report in a bit.

not my copy
the main cool thing is the DC Super Page Giant with Aquaman.  I owned this when it was originally published in 1971, and literally read it to pieces (I probably had help from my friends though).  the cover was the first to go, then the front and back pages.  I remembered the stories pretty well, enough that when I read them in the Aquaman Showcase book it all came back to me, except the first and last stories, as those were the ones that disappeared first.

of course, getting the copy now it ALL came rushing back. the last story with the man faced shark is incredible.  it's hard to believe it's probably been close to 40 years since I've read the entire book.  I couldn't remember the cover, and wouldn't have thought to look at the Super Giants.

I also thought I had all the old comics I wanted, and here I was wrong.  thanks to Don Moore for finding this one for me.  I'll be reviewing all the books in due time.


Chad said...

Chris sent you a fun little haul. There was a charm to Golden and Silver Age comics that is sadly missing today.

Xenorama said...

no doubt about it on both counts, Chad! these are the comics I love, silly as they are.

C. Elam said...

Dude, considering the watermark on that Super DC Giant scan, that very well COULD be your copy!

I'm glad you are so happy with them! I tried to get a few others that I thought would be interesting for you.