Wednesday, November 2, 2011

more Thor (2011) review

I quite enjoyed this movie.  it was more fun seeing Thor interact with his new human friends on Earth than the whole Asgardian nonsense that was needed to propel the story forward, but for an "origin" movie it was pretty good.  Gotta love a Destroyer who looks like it was mostly a man in a suit enhanced with CG instead of all CG, but don't quote me on that.  it was effective.

the last hour was Thor learning humility and to help his friends and all humans out of danger from the rampaging Destroyer.  of course Loki was behind it, and one of the faults of the movie was that I couldn't quite tell whether Loki actually wanted the throne or was just misguided.  the ending didn't help.
you know, if the next American "Godzilla" can pull off some cool shots and keep Godzilla intact, it might actually be worth watching.  too bad it's Legendary pictures doing it.  this is a great shot of destruction in the town.  the Destroyer looked pretty good, close to the comics and everything.  not quite as indestructible,  but that's a good thing.
one of the best things even the lesser Marvel movies have (see the FF or Ghost Rider) is that they have a sense of humor lacking in say, those dreary Dark Knight movies that are inexplicably popular with comic book nerds these days.  before the action started I was actually wishing we'd get an adaption of the origin story.  I'd love to see Stone Men from Saturn in a movie!
this is just a cool shot of the edge of Asgard.  there were a lot of cool shots in the movie, and the effects were good.  Mjollner was well realized, though apparently Thor can just fly now?

overall I liked it more than Iron Man 2 and the Hulk.  loved seeing Odin's spear and 8 legged horse as well.  they sort of ignored Sif being Thor's wife completely.  the Frost Giants were rather disappointing in the way they looked, kind of boring.


C. Elam said...

I don't think the Marvel Comics Sif ever married Thor. They were just good friends. *cough*

Xenorama said...

I should have said in traditional mythology they were married. of course, she was also blond, but then how much of Marvel's mythology is traditional?